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Rio Bound!

Where will you be on Labor Day weekend?  You may not know where you will be, but ask Grace Norman where she’ll be. The short answer is Rio – as in Rio de Janeiro. Competing in the Paralympic Games.  Yes, folks…. THE Paralympic Games.

This date has been on Grace’s calendar for some time now, and God continues to enable our XC senior to keep knocking down barriers and smashing time records to make this dream a reality.

Grace will be competing on Team USA’s Paralympic Track & Field squad. Grace is in the “T44” category as defined by the US Paralympic Committee which is

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Favor of the Lord

What makes an organization successful? The answer is complicated. Researchers and academicians have studied this for business and non-profits for years. I like how the Bible puts it when describing Joseph in Genesis 39:4 that “the Lord favored Joseph.” Xenia Christian wants the favor of the Lord. As a leader, I want the favor of the Lord. Our teachers and coaches want His favor! This is not about health and wealth, some prosperity prayer, but about good solid sowing and reaping. XC wants to be the organization (the school), that works hard, does the right things, innovates, learns and grows, and prospers because we do what we do with excellence. Join with the body of believers and let’s work together to be a part of what is going on, an encouragement t... continue reading

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AUG 29

School Pictures

Students need to be in school uniform

AUG 31

Xenia Fire Department Training

Xenia Firefighters Training


5th & 6th Band Meeting (Optional)

Meeting regarding purchase instruments.

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